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Join The D1 Nation

The D1 Ambassadors Club program was established in 1998 for the specific purposes of mentoring youth academically and socially. The tool used to develop and encourage these traits were a competitive youth basketball program. 

The athletic goals are to develop and showcase players, assisting them in becoming major contributors to their school programs and ultimately to assist in their exposure to receive college scholarships based on their athletic and academic achievement.

Over the past decade plus, the D1 Nation has been formed out of what was originally the Texas D1 Ambassadors club program. Now an affiliate program has been established to assist other fledgling teams and current organizations across North America.  We do so with people who share our philosophy and values. These include establishing excellent academic and social mentors for players, access to quality camp instruction, and exposure through our own media vehicle, which currently has over 4 million views from families, fans and college coaches.

There are several ways to become part of the D1 Nation. A player may join it's competitive club teams, camps, events and it's extensive recruiting network. All include a PER PLAYER fee. (Partial scholarships MAY be available). An existing team or organization can join the D1 Nation (on an annual basis subject to renewal).

Interested Individual Players


As an individual player you can contact us at for tryout times and locations, and/or you can submit your resume for consideration:  Either way, please submit the following information when you're submitting your request:  You will receive a reply in 24-72 hours.



Player Name, Class Year, Height

High School, City, State

Cell Phone, Email Address, Honors/Accomplishments (Athletic & Academic)

Existing Teams


If you are the coach of an existing team (or nucleus of one) that would like to be considered to become part of the D1 Nation, then please send an email to and provide the following information.

Current Team Name,   Gender,   Grade level,  City, State

Contact Name, email address & Phone Number (along with the best time to call)

Your Son Or Daughter Is Loyal To Another Club Team


For consideraion and additional information please email the following:

Player Name, Class Year, Height

Club Team, High School, City, State

Cell Phone, Email Address, Honors/Accomplishments (Athletic & Academic)

Affiliation Benefits


1. Name & Brand Recognition

The D1 Ambassadors now operate in 14 States and 2 Canadian Provinces, with the reputation of consistently churning out college scholarship players on an annual basis. It is one of the country's most respected names in grassroots basketball having garnered numerous state and national tournament championships. The D1 Nation and it's associated brands are strong, representing integrity and credibility in the basketball world.

2. Administrative Assistance

The D1 Ambassadors has a wealth of administrative experience that is available to team's under our banner. This includes insight into conducting tryouts, and assisting in scheduling the most useful events for your team and it's member families.  ALL individual team budgets remain independent of the D1 Ambassadors and the D1 Nation.

3. Tournaments

The D1 Nation hosts several events during the year where team seeding, scheduling and exposure is given priority over the general public.

4. Camps & Clinics (Additional Charge)

The D1 Nation affiliates have access to invite only camps that can enhance recruiting opportunities and skill development.  In some instances these also involve a partnership with both world famous NBA Skills Trainer, Ganon Baker and his

5. Event Placement

Have you spent thousands of dollars bringing your team to events in Las Vegas and other venues only to be shocked that you were miles away from any college coaches or real exposure opportunities.  The D1 Nation brand assists in the proper placement of teams at these national events.

6. Exposure

The D1 Nation's media vehicle is now approaching 3.5 million views.  We control our own media and press releases to benefit athletes in our program.

7. Access To College Coaches

Over time, Coach Ivany has developed a personal relationship with most every Division One staff in the country.  We NEVER sell our player information list to schools, we GIVE it to them.  The D1 Nation has over 230 Division One alumni and countless others at the Junior College, NCAA D2/D3 and NAIA levels.

8. Online Rosters

All D1 Ambassadors affiliates will have their team rosters posted for convenience and viewing of college coaches at . This better enables college coaches to coordinate schedules for viewing of these athletes.

9. Gear

Exclusive access to the D1 Nation's Online store for Adidas athletic gear at a substantial discount.

10. Opportunity to become a local contributing writer for .This  will enhance your credibility in the local basketball community.

11.  Online Featured Player Profiles***

***At an additional fee  D1 Nation athletes can have their own profile page, embed video, display academic info (if desired) on their own profile page of featured College Prospects at  This will be accessible for public viewing and for college coaches to evaluate whether they have an interest in you. This is an incredible additional marketing tool.

12. D1 Nation Television

We can offer you video editing services for your all important highlight videos.  In addition they will be placed on our D1 Nation Television site.

Procedure For Selecting An Affiliate

Procedure For Selecting An Affiliate

Please send an email to requesting your desire to become an affiliate and to use the D1 brand.  Basic criteria have been established to review and accept prospective clubs into our program. The following provisions are an overview.  Mitigating circumstances may vary and as such additional policies, documentation and requirements may be instituted with notice, at our discretion.

An affiliate will be revoked upon the conviction of any coach who is charged with a crime of moral turpitude, OR the convistion of any coach of a felony or misdemeanor. A failure to provide prompt accounting and payment of player licensing fees will also be grounds for revocation of affiliate status.

This is solely the decison of the D1 Nation Founder, Max Ivany, NO EXCEPTIONS and NO REFUNDS (if applicable).

A. Evaluation

Information provided must include (but not limited to) club philosophy, quality of the coaching staff, competitive level, facilities, stability, size and current reputation  (if any) in the basketball community.

B. Operation

An affiliate shall continue to maintain it's separate legal organization, board of directors/officers. The Affiliate shall manage and maintain it's own legal and financial matters, over which the D1 Nation and D1 Ambassadors have NO CONTROL.  No bank accounts shall be set up with any derivative of the D1 Nation or D1 Ambassadors mentioned in it's namesake.

C. Names and Trademark

Upon acceptance the new Affiliate will assume a name that will link it to the D1 Nation.  Typically, the team will be named "Texas D1 Ambassadors, Minnesota D1 Ambassadors, etc.  In the arena, our name is protected under the trademark of "D1", "D1 Nation. "D1 Ambassadors" and will refer to the State and sometimes the City.

D. Use of Logos

The D1 Nation logo, D1 Ambassadors logo, D1 Nation baseball/Softball logo and the D1 Nation Top 100 Camp logo are all available to use by the Affiliates upon written consent from the D1 Nation on a case by case basis. This includes but is not limited too electronic emails, stationary, letterheads, team web sites, brochures, apparel, practice gear and other publications.

E. Fee

A fee per player will be assessed annually (can be made in advance in installments).  This will be agreed upon in writing between the Affiliate and the D1 Nation.  This fee may vary by the organization, team, and individual player due to mitigating circumstances.

The fee will include 2 college quality sets of uniforms per player.

F. Length of Agreement: The agreement between an affiliate organization, team or individual shall last for the calendar year only. Renewals are not generated automatically, they must be approved as outlined above.

F. Contact

Please contact Coach Max Ivany at 512-791-5455 or email

The D1 Nation, D1 Ambassadors and it's derivative brands and logos are the sole property of Max Ivany. Use of Adidas, BAM Testing & ESPNU logos are strictly prohibited unless specifically approved on a CASE BY CASE basis. Sole use of the above logos have been assigned to Max Ivany ONLY based upon contractual agreement, or in the case of BAM Testing (ownership).