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D1 Nation Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The D1 Nation is dedicated to improving the state of youth sports throughout the United States,  Canada and around the World.

The D1 Ambassadors Club program was established in 2000 for the specific purposes of mentoring youth academically, socially and to develop a competitive youth basketball program. It has now been developed that we have a hand in all youth sports.

The athletic goals are to develop and showcase players, assisting them in becoming major contributors to their school and club programs and ultimately to assist in their exposure to receive college scholarships based on their athletic and academic achievement.

We pledge to do this by offering the following:

1. Quality Exposure Tournaments

2. Instructional and exposure camps. 

3. To provide accurate athletic testing through our combine testing series.

4. To provide high level sport specific training.

5. To provide exclusive insider info on high school and club players to college coaches and to provide recruiting coverage of potential college prospects through the D1 Nation Prep Reports.

6. We've developed the largest network of personal relationships with college coaches to enhance your recruiting.

7. To provide access to the best custom uniforms & shoe packages for your club, high school and college teams.

8.To provide a state of the art recruiting database to college coaches at no charge to THEM.