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The 15 Most Exciting Youth Football Players In Texas

04/15/2018, 8:45pm CDT
By Brandon Hernandez

Glenn Rice Jr: Texas' Most Exciting Youth Football Player

WOW!  What a list. The D1 Nation's National Director for Football, Brandon Hernandez has unleashed his list of Texas' 15 most exciting young prospects.  A lot of work went into this compilation.We know there are many other deserving players out there on our watch list in the Lone Star State, but these are the ones we'd pay to see play TODAY.  Enjoy and vote for your favorite.  There'll always be controversy, but we are here to promote and recognize some really talented young guys. Perhaps your favorite player will be on the list the next time around.-Coach Max Ivany: Founder: D1 Nation


#1 Glenn Rice Jr.

13u QB DFW Elite Ravens (Dallas, TX)

Glenn has been considered the standard at the quarterback position at the youth level for the past few years. He is exceptional at reading the defensive backfield and  attacking with precision from the pocket.  He has the ability to make every throw on the field consistently, and has done so at a high level against elite competition throughout the country. He is a phenomenal athlete, but is without a doubt a pro style passer. He takes advantage of his athletic ability by not only carrying the ball on jaw dropping runs, but is great at eluding would be tacklers behind the line of scrimmage. At any given time he can turn a broken play into a 50 yard+ roll out pass for six points. This young man is special. He has the ability, the confidence and work ethic to play quarterback at a high level for a long time! 

   Player Comparison: Deshaun Watson


#2 Keldric Luster

12U QB  NTX Cowboys (Dallas, TX) 

TRUTH!!! He's a legitimate dual threat quarterback. When he tucks the ball to run, he could make my list as a RB, but hes also a gifted quarterback with a quick smooth release. The way he creates space with his feet and his quick release make him almost impossible to sack. This young man is going to be a household name. 
Comparison: Michael Vick


#3 Carson Green

12U RB/WR San Antonio Outlaws (San Antonio, TX)

He's got great speed and unbelievable change of directional ability and acceleration. Strong and developed, Green can run between the tackles, or get to the edge. He also can split out wide and run great routes. He looks like he was made in a football lab. The ultimate weapon for a spread offense is in the Alamo City.
Comparison: Marshall Faulk


#4 Jeremy Duran QB

13u QB YU Yellow Jackets (Dallas, TX)

Jeremy Duran may be the best spread based system quarterback youth football has seen since the inception of national championship chasing by club teams. Duran can throw the ball a country mile and be accurate throughout the entire route tree. His patience in the pocket allows for the big play to consistently develop but his quick feet and mobility are now an added weapon that make it virtually impossible to game plan for the dynamic QB. 

Comparison: Warren Moon


#5 Myzel Miller 

13U San Antonio Outlaws (San Antonio, TX)
When extreme hard work meets extreme God gifted talent you get Myzel Miller. He's famously known for what he does on the offensive side of the ball, but what he does on the defensive side of the ball also is what makes him prodigial. He's a very strong, fast instinctual defender with great closing speed.
Comparison: Saquan Barkley/ Derwin James


#6 Xavier Owens

13U RB Houston Renegades (Houston, TX)

Owens is a complete back who can carry the load in any run first system. He can make you appear on a  highlight reel as an unwilling defender. Whether it be from his cutting in space, straight line speed, or by the way he runs through defenders he's a problem. Owens is definitely explosive inside and outside of the tackle box and a load to account for.

Comparison: Ezekiel Elliot


#7 Javien Toviano

12u Athlete DFW Ravens (Dallas, TX)

Aka "Baby J" is a long legged, smooth running powerhouse who is blessed with elite speed and strength. You can put him at any position offensively and expect a big play and/or a few scores because his athletic ability is simply an automatic mismatch anywhere he lines up.

Comparison: Eric Dickerson


#8 Boo Bam Turner

12U RB CC Comets (Dallas, TX)
If you ask around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex who has the juice at the 7th grade level, most coaches will just say 'Boo Bam'. He has the athleticism to use speed and quickness inside the tackles and break a touchdown run untouched. In space he is simply not going to be caught by one defender, truly making him lightning in a bottle.
Comparison: Ladanian Tomlinson


#9 Kamden Wesley

12u RB NTX cowboys (Dallas, TX)

Kamden is a dynamic football player with tremendous vision, speed, and power. He has a knack for making the right play and enjoys playing the game. His style of play reminds me of when Bo Jackson was with the Oakland Raiders. "Bo Knows" could be "Kam Kan" some day.


#10 Deondrae 'Tiger' Riden

10U DFW Elite 10U
Another combination of God given world class ability with a very dedicated work ethic. He has top flight track speed mixed with great size. Once he turns the corner on offense, the referees hands are going up. Defensively his awareness is years beyond his age and his closing speed allows him to shut down any play before it develops.
Comparison: Todd Gurley/ Ryan Shazier

#11 Chad Warner QB

 10U QB San Antonio Outlaws
Most young Quarterbacks are 'throwers'. This young msn can initiate every drop and make every throw on the route tree. His accuracy and footwork are next level and what currently sets him apart from his peers. He's great at avoiding tacklers and moving within the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield to make a play.
Comparison:Carson Wentz


#12 Jared Kerr 13u WR

13U WR The Unity "U" (Austin, TX)

Jared is a strong, physical, and explosive receiver that specializes in making big plays. He has the ability to make a big catch downfield whether he is single or double covered making him one of the premier, exciting wide receivers in Texas youth football. 

Comparison: Julio Jones


#13 Fat Daddy Nasiah "Fat Daddy" Jackson 

7th Grade RB Dallas Seahawks (Dallas, TX)

I didn't even know his real name until I'd researched this story. He is another one of those urban legends in the youth football community in the Dallas Fort Worth area who has his own moniker.  All it took was one time watching him for me to see he is almost impossible to tackle one on one. He has "turn the edge and go 70 yards" type of speed, but if you get in his way he has MAN strength to throw defenders off of him with ease.
Comparison: Marshawn Lynch

#14 BJ Allen

12 U QB Fort Worth Longhorns (Fort Worth, TX)
He's a tall, strong and athletic quarterback with sky high potential. He's already over 6 foot tall and can throw the ball a mile. He has a smooth stride and when the play breaks down he glides downfield with ease, blowing by defenders. 
Comparison: Terrelle Pryor


#15 Dillon Mitchell RB/WR

7u RB/WR Southwest Junior Marlins (Houston, TX)

Mitchell is pure speed and all heart. At this level of football its safe to say when he breaks a tackle or gets to the edge untouched, you can count it for a score no matter where he is on the field. With elite and nationally recognized track speed he is truly a threat to take it the distance with every touch he gets. 

Comparison: Chris Johnson