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Texas All Star Football Showcase: 12U Standouts

03/07/2018, 12:00am CST
By Brandon Hernandez

Kamden Wesley: Dallas

Wesley scored 4 touchdowns in his four games. However, reducing his performance only to "scores"  doesn't do Kamden complete justice. He is a full package back with great speed, natural instincts, and a knack for the big play. He is one of those players wo will keep you on the edge of your seat.  "It's not IF he'll score, it's when and how often."  He just happened to share the backfield with 4 other amazing talents on the Dallas squad, including quarterback Keldric Luster and fellow running back BooBam Turner. Kamden showed out on his carries and proved why he's worthy of being included in the talks of "best in the State of Texas.

Lontrell "BooBam" Turner: Dallas

BooBam Turner is a household name in Dallas but this past weekend he became a name every city and region of Texas and Louisiana were talking about.  He notched 3 touchdowns in his four game. I'm not sure where the nickname came from but my guess..the "boo" is because of his scary quickness, and the "bam" stems from what happens if you're unlucky enough to square up on him, because you're likely going to get trucked. He definitely displayed the juice to be recognized as one of the stud of studs in the 2018 Texas All Star Showcase.

Carson Green: San Antonio 

Carson Green is a D1 Nation and San Antonio Outlaw darling, but make no mistake there was nothing soft or prima donna-like about his style of play or the mark he left on the showcase at the Round Rock Sports Complex. When the dust had settled he'd scored 5 touchdowns in his four games. Green has a machine-like blend of power and speed that makes for a dangerous balanced back. His ability to maintain top end speed while changing directions or breaking long runs sets him apart  from the backs with the same build and skill level as him. He ran hard on every touchdown, whether it was his 50 yarder or on the one yard gains where he punished tacklers. He definitely represented for San Antonio over the weekend.

Demarcus Ro'shon Singleton: Louisiana 

Demarcus Singleton was a legit speedster out there on the gridiron this weekend. Like most of the teams, the Louisiana squad was full of talent.  Most teams shared the ball among their backs. The Boys from the Bayou had  multiple ball carriers who scored touchdowns this past weekend but there was no doubt to the D1 nation as to the "can't miss prospect" was in this group. The lightning fast entertainment came from Singleton.  

Allegedly clocked at a laser 4.60 forty by trusted sources, it definitely showed on every single play. It seemed he was always an inch or split second away from breaking a long run no matter where he was; whether between the tackles or on the edge. Louisiana definitely earned Texas level respect and Demarcus Singleton made a name for himself among the Lone Star faithful in this star studded tournament.