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Top Performers By Vote: December 3rd:: Texas Youth Football

12/13/2017, 3:30am CST
By Max Ivany & Brandon Hernandez

Both myself and Brandon Hernandez would like to thank the 28,136 voters for taking the time to recognize our 7 nominees for December 3rd Texas Youth Football's performance of the day.  Let me say that all these kids are amazing, with bright futures ahead of them.  They need our support as adults, and the D1 Nation is happy to play a small part in their recognition.

It's become obvious to me, in this our 3rd week of allowing the public to vote that the San Antonio area has a better grasp of using social media to help their cause go viral.  If anyone would like help in this area, Brandon will be happy to share tips with you.

All voting is electronic and fool proof, but the button to disable/end voting needs to be pushed by me (Coach Ivany). Voting was to have ended at midnight on Saturday, but to be candid I'm getting old ...haha and I fell asleep about 10:30 pm.  At that time Mission Mustangs QG Sergio Apiricio held a slender lead over San Antonio Judson RB Gavin Harris.  When I woke up about about 5 am, Harris now held the lead.  So, there is no reason to squabble, let's recognize both of these young men for their achievement and crown them as co-winners. Both have earned a free profile on D1 Nation (a $159 value).  Please contact Brandon about your award. Congratulations!

As a  recap, here is what each young man did last week to lead their teams to victory:

Gavin Harris of San Antonio Judson Junior Rockets scored 3 touchdowns and notched a pair of 2 point conversions to account for 20 of his team's 40 points.

Mission Mustangs QB Sergio Apiricio had 5 touchdowns. He rushed for four touchdowns, gaining 170 yards on the ground, and the other came when he took a kick return to the house.

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