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D1 Nation's Global Camp Solution

10/25/2017, 11:45am CDT
By Max Ivany

For additional information or to book the D1 Nation team to headline your event, please contact Coach Stevens:

1-(505)-307-2204 or 


D1 Nation Founder, Max Ivany announced a new product for the international market today in the company’s ongoing quest to revolutionize the youth sports market. Along with Vice President of Global Sports Marketing, Derrick Stevens the D1 management team unveiled their camp solution product to the world.

Ivany and Stevens are a formidable team. On the worldwide scene, Stevens brings an international resume highlighted by a 10 year international playing and coaching career around the globe. His unique insight was gained by playing, coaching and being a camp consultant. He’s assisted camp directors in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Iceland, Germany, Mexico, and Denmark. He brings a ton of experience working with the international youth player.

Coach Derrick Stevens

Stevens came to D1 Nation with a bold strategy to take the company to new heights around the globe. Not only will international athletes have a chance to be seen in the USA, American athletes will also have a chance to be seen by international teams and play abroad through the relationships we’ve created in various countries. Our strategy is to build an unlimited highway and global platform for players in all sports (not just basketball), assisting aspiring young men and women to reach their hopes and dreams as a student and as an athlete. 

Ivany stressed that there are so many outstanding international players who come up through club systems in other parts of the world. Many times, aside from the absolute best of the best, we and our college partners are unaware of these players. We’re unique in the USA in that most of our young talent gets it’s opportunity to develop through our collegiate athletic system which also gives the player the opportunity to earn a free or subsidized college education. The median value of a 4 year athletic scholarship in the USA now sits at $162,000.00 USD. That can be life changing for a family and athlete. Our goal is to assist event operators and players worldwide in maximizing their opportunities to connect to the USA’s collegiate market.

Coach Ivany knows his stuff as he’s touched players at all levels. He’s been involved in the athletic testing for the NBA Draft Combine, has done pre-draft and private player assessments for NBA teams, and has placed 300 NCAA Division One athletes through his D1 Ambassadors club program. In addition has assisted in placing more than 500 other players at the sub Division One level (D2, D3, Junior College and NAIA). Few people in basketball have the depth of relationships with club coaches that Ivany has developed, including the majority of Power Conference coaches and NBA executives on his speed dial.  He’s currently had 10 players drafted into and playing in the NBA, former Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and a host of overseas pros enjoying success and seeing the world.

“In my long association with Adidas it has been my honor to have represented Adidas basketball, having been involved with the Adidas Gauntlet and Adidas Nations since their inception. I’m proud to wear the mantel of #TexasAdidasMan”-Coach Max Ivany


The rest of the world is catching up to the USA in their caliber of play. There are so many great trainers, coaches and event organizers around the world now who prepare players and put on quality camps. However, for players who may be a step short of having pro potential there is a gap of “what’s next” for them. Most international camp organizers don’t have the depth of relationships with college coaching staffs in the USA to maximize their campers desire to have the American college experience. This is where the D1 Nation can assist.


Where the D1 Nation intends to bridge the gap is by utilizing all the relationships built by Ivany and Stevens to connect these campers to the American college opportunity. We’re offering event organizers world wide an affordable and effective solution to adding value to their event as well as joining forces in having young people realize their dreams through sport. We are here to help foreign governments develop opportunities for their athletes, international club teams and event organizers.  We can rank your players and include your most promising prospects in our report to colleges in the United States. As well as give them coverage on which has over 4 million views.


Return Airfare for Ivany and Stevens, including all ground transportation.

4-5 Star Hotel Accommodations

$200 USD per day, per diem for Ivany and Stevens

$2500 USD (minimum) for the first two days of the event. 

$1000 USD for each subsequent day (if desired).


The D1 Nation will rank the top players in the camp.

The D1 Nation will publish these results and evaluations to (which currently has over 4 million views)

The D1 Nation will assist in marrying together the prospects with schools in the USA based on their talent level and academic achievements.

Coach Stevens will allot 3 hours of court time, to drill players from the American perspective.

Coach Ivany will conduct a 2 hour seminar on the academic requirements that the NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA have for incoming players, as well as answer recruiting questions for players, parents and event organizers.

For additional information or to book the D1 Nation team to headline your event, please contact Coach Stevens:

1-(505)-307-2204 or