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Class of 2022 Adrian "A-Train Cormier Richmond, TX

10/09/2017, 7:00pm CDT
By Brandon Hernandez

Adrian "A-train" Cormier

Class of 2022

Richmond, TX

5'1 103lbs,


Adrian Cormier (Richmond, TX) is the running back for David Crockett Middle School and and FBU Top Gun Talent as well.  Most people look at his size and label it as a limitation especially as a runner between the tackles but "A-train" is a work horse that has fine tuned his skill/ He's found unique ways to make his size an asset toward eluding defenders, thus gaining yards in chunks!

Adrian is a very patient and smart runner with video game quickness and elusiveness that can be very frustrating for defenses, especially when combined with a solid offensive line. The encouraging thing about Adrian is his year round work ethic to improve his skill set. He is constantly at showcases, camps, and youth All American games to do his part in both making an early name for himself and to continue his improvement.

I believe a note also has to be made about this athlete's toughness! To be 5'1 and just over 100 pounds and be a feature back for his club and school teams is no easy feat yet Adrian proves himself every week with his offensive numbers and willingness to take a pounding between as well as outside the tackles.

The most impressive trait to me he possesses as a runner is his efficiency in his movements. Adrian doesn't waste cuts or do any behind the line of scrimmage dancing. He gets straight to downhill business, weaving and juking his way to a first down and into the end zone!

In order to sustain this success at the high school and college levels of football, "A-Train" has some area he'll continue to need to improve on. For one, his linear speed will have to improve. While his quickness and burst are solid he will need that next level gear to be able to turn a first down into a touchdown more often. His genetics may not allow him to be tall or a"traditional" sized running back. In his best interests of success he will need to have a very sturdy and strong physique especially in the lower body to become a more formidable runner between the tackles at the varsity and ideally college level.

Adrian has a very high football I.Q and solid skill set offensively which may allow him to be versatile as both a skat back and slot receiver. It's important that he keep improving his route running and receiving skills from both positions to raise his value as an offensive weapon going into high school.

He has great support from his family and community.  With his work ethic and natural talent I believe that support system will be a valuable resource in keeping A-Train on track headed into high school, and hopefully he'll have a bright future at the college level come 2022.

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