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Native Top 50 Camp: Boys Prospects Rankings

07/11/2017, 12:45pm CDT
By Max Ivany

Prospect rankings in any sport that involves young athletes should be taken with a grain of salt. Simply put they are subjective and a SNAPSHOT in time.  The prospect has the opportunity to change the perception of their place in the recruiting stratosphere by increasing their commitment, desire and level of training. The recruiting landscape is dynamic and ever changing.

My rankings take into account athleticism and height/length as basketball is driven by these requirements at the college level, especially at Division One. In addition I tried to gauge the players work ethic, "motor" and "heart" as these are also predictors of future achievement.

And finally, statistics do count.  I kept track of various stats from the scrimmages as well as the final all star game when all the chips were on the line.  I watch how players treat their team mates, how they acted in the dorms, at the training table and during the chalk talk sessions.  In short they were judged in every conceivable way.  

I'm proud of the kids I chose for the Top 10, and continue to encourage those who didn't make the cut to continue working and to prove me wrong. This is a business of what have you done for me lately. College scholarships are NOT handed out like participation trophies.

#1   2019 Justin Hemphill Cardinal O'Hara, NY

Representing: Seneca Nation

Every group has it's alpha male and there was no disputing who the lead dog was in this group. It was Under Class Man, 2019 Justin Hemphill who was "the Man". From the moment camp started, Hemphill was going 100 miles per hour. During introductory drills he was diving on the floor and you could see he was ticked off when he or his team didn't win.

And that's the way it was from start to finish.  Whether it was on the court or off in the class room sessions, he was curious about advanced concepts, asked questions and was always thinking about strategy. 

Trazil Lane was certainly a deserving All Star Game MVP, but Hemphill was not far behind as he had 11 points and battled his butt off on the boards, snagging 17 rebounds.  It was the combination of all the above plus his Class of 2019 status that made him a Division One prospect. 

#2. Trazil Lane  Lummi Nation School, WA

Representing:  Lummi Nation 

Lane really stood out when it counted, in the All Star Game.  His athleticism is D1 quality. He's signed at a Junior College, where if he takes care of business will be a great stepping stone to Division One in a year or two. I expect more from him than scoring though as he's got a physical build but not a big enough physical presence on the boards. No reason why he doesn't have 5-8 boards per game.

#3  Robert Burries  Globe, AZ

Representing: San Carlos Apache Nation

Burries, one of the leading scorers in Arizona school boy history will always face the undersized label but he's very quick on both ends of the court and at this point, most importantly he gets separation from his defender.  This allows him to get the looks he wants, and that includes from deep NBA range.  Will need to convert to the PG spot to have success at a higher level (D1) in college.

#4 2017 Mason Archambault Rapid City, SD/Stevens

Representing: Standing Rock Sioux

Archambault has a college ready body, and a nice skill set. He was a top performer during drills and scrimmages. Mason's got a nice offensive skill set but he let me down a little bit in the All Star Game. A lead guard has to take control, and get his team mates their looks early.  He's capable physically but needs to understand that role, or else move to the off guard spot. He was under a little bit of personal pressure to perform there and I get it, but this is a business of production not "what ifs".  I'd like to see him take one of his D2 offers and have a wonderful career.

#5 2017 Xanier Littlehead  St. Labre Indian Acad., MT

Representing: Northern Cheyenne Nation

Littlehead had a swagger but he backed it up on the court, offensively and defensively. He played with a high motor and is a perfect example of finding and accepting the correct college fit.  He's headed to D2 Adams State (CO). I think this is a great choice for him.

#6 Elliot Bowen  Ellicottsville, NY

Representing:  Seneca Nation

At 6'5" Bowen defends his position well as an undersized 3/4 man. He rebounded hard all camp, on a par with Hemphill. I like him but he's got to improve his offensive perimeter skills if he wants to have a productive college career.

#7. Quentin Raynor   Hudson's Bay, WA

Representing: Yakima Nation

Raynor has nice size and athleticism. His upside is high. If he'd have put together a high output in the second half of the All Star Game, like he did in the first half, he'd  be ranked higher. 

#8  D'von Lapointe  Winnebago, NE

Representing: Winnebago Nation

Lapointe was the slickest ball handler in camp.  He showed he could knock down the three and when in transition showed he could deliver the pass on time to cutting team mates. Lapointe's showmanship was nice. If style counts, I give him an 8 out of 10.

#9. Kenny McGee  Lake City, ID

McGee proved he was a shot maker all the way through camp. He knocked down threes and scored in transition.

Representing: Coeur d'Alene Nation

#10  Tyson Shambo  Hays-Lodgepole, MT

Representing: Gros Venture Nation

A scrappy guard who can knock down shots. He's always in the mix defensively as he's a tenacious defender

#11  Bansi King  Bishop Seabury, KS

Representing: Oneida/Prairie Band Potawatomi 

King's a lanky wing who needs to put on weight to be more effective, but he can knock down shots and rebounded his position well. 

#12 Kobe McKnight  Brittania, BC Canada

Representing:  Kitasoo/Kehewin Cree Nation

McKnight was a team oriented pass first guard who also knocked down shots when he was the recipient of pass and shoot situations.

Honorable Mention:  

Josiah Jones     Allen, OK

At 6'2", wide body Jones worked hard and was effective on the boards.

Representing: Chickasaw Nation

Isaiah Smith   Cibecue, AZ

Representing: White Mountain Apache Nation

Smith was listed as a guard, yet didn't really attempt shots or score the ball much. On the other hand, he had 12 boards in his team's All Star game win.