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NCAA Tournament: Day 1

03/17/2017, 10:45am CDT
By Max Ivany

Day one of the 2017 NCAA Tournament is in the books. I think the thing most people fail to realize is the incredible preparation that goes into having the opportunity.

Most guys have been playing since grade school, most parents have been taking them to practices and AAU tournaments.  It's a lifestyle.  i lived it with my son and don't regret a moment of it.  i remember my son's senior year in high school. They lost the opportunity to go to State in a blink of an eye, and on a last second free throw.  I was dumbfounded, and wondered "now what"?

The point is it's exciting, and when you lose...BOOM it''s gone in an INSTANT.  I always feel bad for the guys who have played their last game, whatever level it's at; high school or college.

Today saw three D1 Nation Alumni make significant contributions, and one other ; Johnny Azzinaro (San Antonio, TX) of Bucknell who only got 2 minutes of floor time . However, he will walk away from Bucknell next month with a $250,000 degree in his pocket.  

(Also a tip of the hat to San Antonio's D J MacLeay. Azzinaro's Bison team mate never played for me, but he is a great young man, and like Azzinaro walks away with an outstanding education.  Congrats guys, and to his AAU Coach Lance Carew as well.)

On the court, Senior Canyon Barry (Colorado Springs, CO) had 7 points/3 rebounds as the Florida Gators cruised to a win over East Tennessee State.

Sophomore Jordan Murphy (San Antonio, TX) saw his Minnesota Gophers fall. Murphy had 15 points/9 rebounds in the loss against Middle Tennessee.

Senior Avery Woodson (Waynesboro, MS) was on fire early scoring 18 points/5 rebounds and the Bulldogs never let Winthrop get untracked.