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Two Texas D1 Ambassadors Alumni Make Wooden Watch List Cut

02/11/2017, 4:15am CST
By Max Ivany

The prestigious John Wooden Player of the Year talk is getting serious now.  With most conferences entering the 2nd round of play, the Wooden list has now been trimmed down to only 20 players.

And guess what?  One of the country's most prestigious clubs; The Texas D1 Ambassadors from Max Ivany's D1 Nation have two players on that final 20.  They are Baylor Junior Johnathan Motley (Galena Park, TX) and Central Michigan Junior Marcus Keene (San Antonio, TX).

Motley at 6'10" is emerging as one of the most skilled big men in the country and is climbing most NBA Mock Draft boards to anywhere from 11th-27th.  It's likely he will declare if he keeps gaining momentun.

The "other guy" that the were FORCED to add to the conversation is 5'9" Keene.  He's still in the mix to average 30 ppg, which if he continues will be the first time in 20 years that NCAA Division One has seen that kind of production out of a player.  He's currently averaging 30.2 per game.

We are rooting for both of these young men, who come from great families.  They "bring it" every night.