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Football Player Spotlight: Class of 2022 Xavier Owens: Houston, TX

01/23/2017, 2:15am CST
By Brandon Hernandez

Class of 2022:  Xavier Owens:

Running Back  5'4"  150 lbs

Houston, Texas

The City of Houston is a big football pond and it's full of big fish. It's the most talent rich football breeding ground in the country according to NFL executives. So, when a young player like 2022 Xavier Owens is an early standout in said environment then folks need to stand up and pay attention.  Owens is proving that every time he laces up his cleats for Strack Middle School or his club team, the Houston Gators that he has great potential.

As a current 7th grader he's the total package in this age group. It's going to be fun to watch his development and see how big this "fish" becomes. He is one of those rare talents who is almost always one of the fastest and strongest every time he laces up the cleats. His running style is very similar to that of LSU great Leonard Fournette. As a young player he's very patient yet powerful. He's like a runaway train once he hits the hole and puts on that burst in the secondary.

It's no secret that Owens is a physical talent but what separates him from the other natural athletes is his tenacity in pursuing perfection with his fundamentals. For such a young player Owens does a phenomenal job of making sure every collision or movement as a runner is done with absolute purpose and power. This makes him a LOAD to deal with for four quarters.

Owens is a crowd favorite because of the daily highlight reels he puts together on the field. He's an absolute coaches dream due to the fact that he is a work horse; someone with the mental and physical toughness to be given 30 carries/touches per game and still finish that game strong.  As things stand now, Xavier's focus and talent seem to be aligned with a bright future ahead!

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