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Player Spotlight: 2017 6'5" Matthew Gregory: El Paso, TX/Chapin

01/19/2017, 8:15pm CST
By Max Ivany

I'd like to introduce the country to an intriguing prospect from El Paso, TX/Chapin.  2017 6'5" Matthew Gregory has loads of upside and potential.  El Paso is typically off the beaten track regarding hoops prospects but we are seeing more interest in the area spiked by the recent success of Daniel Amigo at Denver.

Gregory is qualified and ready to go. His initial SAT score was 1150 on the two part. He'll be re-taking the test to improve his score even further on January 21st, 2017. He currently sports a 3.73 GPA in the Magnetic Engineering program. His desire is to major in Pre-Med, and to eventually become a doctor.

Gregory is open to playing anywhere but the best fit would be a high academic D1 league like the Patriot, or some West Coast schools with Pre-Med opportunities. Quality D2 programs which covet high academic recruits will also be considered, nation wide.  Please contact me directly at regarding initial recruiting inquiries.

Matthew currently has plans to play on the circuit this summer with the Texas D1 Ambassadors-West Texas team giving college coaches additional opportunities first hand to see him play as he pursues his scholarship opportunities.

When you watch film, the single most impressive thing that pops out at me is Gregory's footwork.  Many guys go deep into their college careers trying to get that right.  His footwork is outstanding.  Gregory is 6'5" which is certainly a "tweener" height, but his series of crafty finishing moves around the rim; Up and under, double pump, hesitation etc makes him a very efficient finisher around the rim.  

He is an above the rim player, but needs to continue to work on tweaking his athleticism to bring it to another level. In identifying his weaknesses with him, I was impressed with the fact that he already knew they existed and currently had an action plan to overcome them. He's got a strong work ethic. He's currently working on his ball handling and face up game, free throw line extended.

He runs the floor well and has a sneaky quickness about him whether it be making a one-two dribbles move to blow past a bigger defender or when establishing himself on the block to take advantage of mismatches there. He needs to work on finishing with either hand so as to avoid the shot blocker when  he's making his finishing move.

I like Gregory's upside for several reasons. He comes from a great family (where his dad David Gregory) was a pretty good player back in the day. He's a high academic/high character guy who's going to be coach-able and a hard worker. I touched base with a couple of long established high school coaches in El Paso who gave me glowing reports about his character, work ethic and toughness.

He's 210 pounds right now and he's strong, but a college weight and nutritional program will change a little of that "baby fat" into leaner muscle, which in turn will help his athleticism and quickness. He's also scheduled to grow another inch or two over the next year.  I think he's going to be a very productive college player.