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Football: Player Spotlight: Jeremy Duran (Mission, TX)

01/04/2017, 11:30am CST
By Brandon Hernandez

Class of 2022  JEREMY DURAN   5'8"  140 lbs

Mission, Texas

Jeremy Duran is widely regarded as the best quarterback in his class within the region, and arguably that he is tops in the State of Texas. His skill set is flat out remarkable for his age.  He brings high expectations and a huge upside. When you watch him it's easy to realize that potential and high ceiling.

People don't typically think of South Texas when it comes to football, but let me remind you that's where Sonny Detmer coached and taught his son's the game and the spread offense in the same City where Duran resides; Mission, TX.  His two boys (Ty & Koy) went on to have NFL careers, and Ty won the 1990 Heisman while flingin' it at Brigham Young University.

The Detmer's legacy in Mission, has undoubtedly been passed on to local coaching staffs, including Jeremy's with the Mission Mustangs..  They have taught him a true spread system, which already at the age of 13 almost makes him a coach on the field. 

His arm strength is elite, and he is a very good athlete when he tucks the ball and gets down hill as a runner. It's too early to tell if he will be a dual threat or prototype pocket passer and I mean that as a compliment. His athleticism and skill set should allow him to choose from both categories (or both)as he gets older, and depending on the high school he attends.

What makes this kid near impossible to game plan for at the youth and middle school level is his football I.Q. Jeremy has the ability to use every inch of the field because of his mobility, arm strength, and most of all his vision. It's his ability to use his eyes to scan the field as the play extends which really sets him apart. This is a very tough skill to be in command of at such a young age.

He can go through a full field progression of reads on his receivers and manipulates the defense with his eyes which is astonishing for a seventh grader. Perhaps the most encouraging thing about Duran is that both he, his family and other key people around him humbly accept praise, and have no intention of letting early youth success slow or weaken his development. He works like he's the water boy hoping to make the practice squad and takes pride in developing his craft.

Of course, like all young quarterbacks, there is always something to criticize but in this case the only criticism on him currently comes from the fact he's just in 7th grade and not yet Brady's back up in the NFL...hahaha Seriously though, as should be expected, his mechanics although advanced aren't yet perfect.

When a rare errant throw occurs it stems from rushed footwork and him leaning too much on his talented arm to make every throw. That will take care of itself with time and maturity as he will receive a lot of coaching and preparation ahead at the club level before heading into high school. Jeremy has multiple tools as a runner that make him a tough weapon to account for in designed runs or broken plays. He breaks arm tackles, uses his hands to get away from hits, and has above average speed.

I believe the only thing keeping him from being completely unstoppable no matter the offense is his lack of elite level speed. if he continues to work on agility and speed and can upgrade himself a full letter grade in that aspect before high school, then "Katy bar the door".

If his speed and quickness can match his I.Q. and competitiveness there would be simply no game plan to stop him.  That is a scary thought, but it's also exciting because you can count on Jeremy to put in the work to get himself to that level. That's the kind of winner he is. Jeremy Duran is a name you will hear a lot over the next 5 years, hopefully 8 as he makes his way on to the college ranks. 

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