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100 Days Overseas With Coach Ivany: Day 33-34

09/27/2015, 9:30am CDT
By Max Ivany


This morning I took the fast boat from Indonesia to Singapore. At one point, it was part of Malaysia.  Not sure of the politics but they seceded in 1964 and have become one of the world's models cities/nations with a thriving economy, standard of living and cleanliness not seen ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. It's just celebrating it's 50th anniversary and makes me pause and wonder, "What if Texas turned it's back on the Union"? :-)

How can you not fall in love with Singapore, even when leaving it?  Their airport is like no other with a swimming pool, a movie theater, children's play areas, free sleeping areas as well as an abundance of food options and place to get a massage.  You could only HOPE to have a flight delay there. The amazing thing is that they are so efficient there is rarely ever a flight delay. They are so stringent in performance standards that once your light lands the luggage must be on the carousel in 12 minutes with the last bags available being no more than 30 minutes from touchdown.  This amazes me! Buses in Singapore are ALWAYS on time and taxi drivers are neat, professional and always use the meter. No scamming which certainly sets it apart from the rest of Asia. 

The crime rate is also almost non existent. Their penalties are harsh with nice little hits in the pocket book if you even spit on the sidewalks.  Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore.  They will confiscate it from you at the airport! Although I'm not personally a tree hugger you won't find a greener or more environmentally friendly place.  

There's only one downfall that Singapore has and that is it is expensive compared to the bargain that the rest of Asia offers. I'd say it's on par with hotels in bigger american cities like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.