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100 Days Overseas With Coach Ivany: Day 7

08/29/2015, 8:00pm CDT
By Max Ivany

Monday: August 16th: In Manila

Monday in Manila.  It's my last day here for awhile. If you like New York City, you like Manila.  If you like big crowds, congestion and relatively speaking higher prices then Manila it is.  That's just not my cup of tea for any extended period of time.

One of the great places to go and get a little relief from the traffic and noise is the Boardwalk on Manila Bay. In some ways, very similar to the seawall in Galveston, Texas. 

Grabbing a bite to eat by the bay, with a balmy ocean breeze and a beautiful sunset is not a bad way to enjoy the late afternoon at all.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early it's time to catch my 1 hour flight to Cebu, Philippines a big city, but small compared to Manila's 15 million.

Pancho Fernandes

I can't thank my driver, Pancho Fernandes enough.  Over the past few days he has helped me negotiate the streets of Manila.  He's an excellent driver and very knowledgeable of the area to be sure.

Most of all though it's his cheerful attitude under most any conditions.  I find myself whining about deadlines or time in traffic and he's quick to offer a quick word of calmness that, "Hey, there's nothing we can do to change that now, Coach".  It's hard to be pissed off around a guy this happy and mellow.  He works so hard, many nights sleeping in his car waiting for his turn in line for his next fare.

We exchanged family pictures and he's the proud father of three children, including young twin boys.  His wife died during childbirth, giving life to the twins.  Just a great guy that I'm glad a struck up a friendship with.