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Boost Your Game: The Fiver

02/16/2015, 10:45am CST
By Brandon Hernandez

Obviously every player who dreams & works towards their goals as a D1 athlete wants to BOOST their game.  This is why the D1 Nation has partnered with a line of products that will do just that!

USANA Health Science has an all encompassing and complete nutritional product line that covers every health facet starting at the foundational level in natural, pure ingredients and form. This week I'd like to give a quick briefing on my favorite product Proflavonol C100 and how it relates to athletic performance.

As you watched in the video the product is a great cardiovascular aid. This works in a cohesive fashion as an immune booster which of course is important performance & health factor whether you're an athlete or not. In the realm of sports performance this product is a booster to the endothelial nitric oxide system or ENOS.  

Now, what does that mean in English? Put simply, this is the system in which your body transfers red blood cells to the muscles in motion or action. We know that red blood cells carry oxygen and muscles need oxygen to continue to operate at a high level and that's exactly where this USANA product does its miracle of science. When taken in consistently it enhances the rate at which red blood cells carry oxygen to the body.  This creates a more efficient cardiovascular system ideal for any sport where cardio fatigue could be the deciding factor of a win or a loss. So if you want to BOOST your game against your competitors, check this product out. This product is on the approved list for NCAA athletes.  The D1 Nation Way!

Ready To Improve your game the D1 Nation way?  Click on the link: