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Cody Doolin Leaves San Francisco Dons

11/27/2013, 12:00pm CST
By Max Ivany

If I had a quarter for every inquiry I've received in the last several days regarding Cody Doolin, I'd have a pocket full of money. Each and every time I bit my lip and gave a "no comment" to the media, or simply gave an "I dunno" to other friends at the high school & college coaching level, as well as members of the Austin community where Cody is also so well liked and respected.

It is now official.  Cody Doolin has left USF's basketball team. On the court it's a crushing blow to lose your best player and team leader as the Dons struggle to return to being the cream of the West Coast Conference. Doolin finishes his USF career 2nd all time in assists in the storied program whoch has fallen on leaner times. He was also moving up the all time scoring charts for the University of San Francisco as well.

Cody will remain enrolled in school and is scheduled to receive his degree in finance in the spring. Everyone knows that I'm close with Cody's folks Becky and Jim.  Heck I've known him since he was 9 years old.  I am going to honor everyone's request about not disclosing the details. There really is "no devil in these details"

The D1 Nation also has a great relationship with Rex Walters and the USF staff and they are always welcome to recruit the D1 Ambassadors program. In fact they have another of our players who transferred from SMU redshirting as we speak in Uche Ofoegbu from San Antonio, TX. 

There is no tougher competitor on the court than Cody Doolin.  In my mind his legacy is complete.  He was one of USF's all time greats, and at the club level he has the same status for the storied Texas D1 Ambassadors program. With him at the helm we won countless National Tournaments including back to back Kingwood Classic's back when that was the country's premier event. Some guys define themselves as basketball players.  That was never Cody,  nor was it how his family defined him.  He is so many other things including an outstanding person and student.

For some guys when basketball ends there's a huge void in their lives. I doubt this will be the case for Cody Doolin.  He has my sincere best wishes for his next chapter in life. When I go back to Austin in a few weeks we will sit around and watch college football, golf and other things I share with the Doolin Clan (including Becky's cinnamon topped cappucinos and the subject of college basketball will never come up.  Hard to believe I know but sometimes the sporting public finds it hard to understand why when rare instances like Barry Sanders walking away from football at the apex of his career are presented to them.  Obviously this is not quite the same as an NFL Hall of Famer, but it is the way the story ends for an outstanding guy who just happened to hang up his Chuck Taylor's a little ahead of schedule. As Sinatra said, "I did it my way".

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