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New Mexico Player Rankings November 2013

11/20/2013, 11:30pm CST
By Marty Saiz & D1 Nation Associates

New Mexico Rankings November 2013

D1 Nation – New Mexico Preseason Player Rankings

By Marty Saiz and D1 Nation Associates

The D1 Nation Recruiting Service based in Austin, Texas has for the last two years partnered with Danny Granger AAU Club to give additional exposure to players in New Mexico regardless of the classification or AAU affiliation.  We know is a subjective business. We have made our ranking based on performance in high school and AAU games,  showcase events, attitude and potential to grow, improve etc. In the senior and junior class is easier to evaluate because many of the players played on their varsity team and most played on the AAU scene.  There are times local ranking services see a player much higher because the performance with their high school team. However, there times that some players struggle against tougher competition like AAU or at showcase events.  We hope this assists college coaches in evaluation the talent in New Mexico. These ranking will be displayed on the D1 Nation Recruiting Services website, which recently went over the 3 million mark in hits. It also one of the recruiting services that is free to college coaches. We hope the ranking make players work hard on their game and as result make their high school team better. It should be an exciting 2013-2014 high school season in New Mexico.


Top 65 in Class of 2014 (New Mexico)

1.       Jordan Jones Sandia HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’4” wing – Jordan is very athletic, currently playing quarterback & wide receiver on the football team. He had the second highest BAM score with 279. He has a lot of potential to make a positive difference offensively and defensively. He had a very good AAU season and opened a lot college coaches’ eyes. He had two very good showcase performances this fall. He has committed to a D1 school, Mississippi Valley St.

2.       T.J. Holyfield Manzano HS (Albuquerque, NM)  6’7” post – T.J. is developing into a nice post player. He can hit the 3 and finish inside. He has good anticipation when blocking shots. He needs to become the leader of his team and improve on his inside moves. If he does those things he could be the top player in the state.He is getting interest from D1 and D2 schools.

3.       Joe Anaya Valley HS (Albuquerque, NM) 5’11 guard – Joe is a tough hard nose player. He is always making things happen offensively and defensively. Joe is a very good shooter and can create his own shot. He's not afraid to take the big shot. He is the type of player coaches love to have because of his energy level. Joe will definitely play at the next level.

4.       Kevin Saiz Cibola HS (Albuquerque, NM) 5’11 guard – Kevin had a good AAU season, playing against some of the country’s top guards. He was the best ball-handler and point guard for his AAU team. He will be one of the top 3 point shooters in the state. He had good court vision and does a great job hitting the open man. He is quick and is strong defensively. He had the 3rd highest BAM score with 270. He is getting some D1 and D2 college interest.

5.       Tim Brennan Sandia HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’5” small forward - Tim has a good mid-range jumper. He can beat you off the dribble. He does a lot of the dirty work under the basket by getting a lot of put backs and rebounds. He is a very good multi-sports athlete- plays wide receiver on the football team. Tim could be a great player at the next level but needs to improve his ball handling and outside shooting.

6.       Cesar Nava Roswell HS (Roswell NM) 5”11 guard – Cesar is a very athletic guard who can create scoring opportunities for teammates and himself. He should be the top player in 4A statewide. He is such unselfish player. If he gets more aggressive and selfish offensively, he could be the top scorer in the state.

7.       Adonis Saltes  Valley HS (Albuquerque, NM)  6’1” guard - Adonis is very athletic basketball wise. He sees the court well He can score from outside and can take strong to the basket.  If he improves defensively he could be a candidate for the top player. He currently has an offer from Utah St.

8.       Warren Smith Manzano HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’4” Wing. Warren is the most athletic player

basketball-wise in New Mexico. He can score with his flying dunks and then turn around and hit the 3 pointer. He has the potential to be the best player in New Mexico if he can play consistently with more effort.

9.       Austen Drake  Hope Christian 6’5 (Albuquerque, NM) Austen should be the top player in 3A statewide. He is getting stronger offensively and defensively. He needs to shoot the ball more because he has good shooting range even from the 3 point line. He is a great team player.

10.    Adam Cumber Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0 guard – Adam is one of the top shooter in the state. He has the capability to lead a team through his example.

11.    Tate Shelly Cliff HS (Cliff NM) 6’7 small forward – Tate is a player that many people don’t know about. He is very athletic who can shoot the 3’s and take it to the basket strong. He is a very good rebounder and defender. He is also one of the country’s top rodeo team ropers. He finished strong in the AAU season this summer.

12.    Seth Warfield  Volcano Vista HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’2” guard – Seth is probably the toughest minded player in New Mexico. He can shoot outside and finish around the basket. He is athletic enough to guard a point guard or small forward. He could be the surprise player in this class.

13.    Bobby Ray Sisneros Espanola Valley HS (Espanola NM) 6’3 guard – Bobby Ray is a slashing type player who make things happen offensively. He is also has the long arms to make it difficult for offensive players. He could challenge for the top player in 4A.

14.    Hiram Gleason  Shiprock HS (Shiprock, NM) 5’11” guard – Hiram is a hard working point guard. He plays hard all the time. He can score inside and outside. A great team player

15.    Corbin Waquie Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque, NM) 5’7”- point guard - Corbin is a very quick and good floor leader. He is a very good 3 point shooter and finish on the drive. He creates havoc defensively.

16.    Ryan Ashbaugh Sandia HS (Albuquerque, NM)-6’8” post – Ryan is a hard working big man. He had good post moves and runs the court well. He is a solid defender

17.    Chris Sanchez Los Lunas HS (Los Lunas, NM) 6’1” guard – Chris is a double digit scorer. He can shoot the 3 and has a good mid-range game. He is a top multi-sport athlete , one of the top defensive backs/wide receivers in the State

18.    Jo Jo Brooks Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’1 guard – Jo Jo is a very athletic guard who can hit the 3 and also finish around the basket. He is a strong defender. He could easily be a top 10 player but has played very little AAU ball to see how he would play against better competition.

19.    Brandon Holland Los Lunas HS (Los Lunas NM) 6’3 Wing – Brandon is a very strong and aggressive player who can take to the basketball and guard a big man. He is also a big time football player.

20.    Eric Lee Volcano Vista HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’5”- Eric a hybrid type player who can play inside and outside. He is a slender and athletic player with long arms who can defend and rebound. He can score in different ways. He is a player who can end up in the top 10.

21.    Christian Mackey Kirtland Central HS (Kirtland NM) 6’4” small forward – Christian is a big body player who can rebound and score around the basket.

22.    Kamal Cass Clovis HS (Clovis, NM) 5’10” point guard- Kamal may be the state’s top multi-sport athlete. He is the state’s top running back and 2012 Gatorade Player of the Year. He plays point with a lot of control offensively and defensively.

23.    Jake LaMay Capitan HS (Capitan, NM) 6’8” post – Jake is just starting develop. He plays at a 2A school. He would easily start on any 5A team. He is a big body player who can finish around the basket. He is also a strong rebounder offensively and defensively. He is a player to watch.

24.    Colton Lewis  Belen HS (Belen NM) 6’1” guard – Colton can shoot the 3’s and aggressive defender. He is a player that lead a team offensively and with his scrappy play.

25.    JT Romney  Las Cruces HS (Las Cruces NM) 6’4” He was the 6th man on last year’s state championship team. He is very athletic with the high BAM score of 290 . He is a player that is capable of breaking into the top 15.

26.    Seth Watwema Tohajiilee (Tohajiilee NM) 6’3 wing

27.    Zach Williams Hope Christian School (Albuquerque, NM) 6’3” wing

28.    Patrick Roarke Atrisco Heritage Academy 6’3 wing  

29.    Brian Medina  Highland (Albuquerque, NM)  6’2 wing

30.    Robert Armijo   Valley HS (Albuquerque, NM) 5’11” guard

31.    Naz Gonzales Albuquerque HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’11” guard

32.    Derek Martinez Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0” point guard

33.    Keeshan Turtle Manzano HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’1” guard

34.    Willie McCray Clovis HS (Clovis, NM) 6’0” guard

35.    Kevin Golden Del Norte HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’3 wing

36.    Brian Jaramillo Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 5’10” guard

37.    Isaiah Dominguez St. Michaels HS (Santa Fe NM) 6’0” guard

38.    Adrian Ortega Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’1” guard

39.    Joel Sachs Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’1” guard

40.    Marcus Mitchell  Highland HS(Albuquerque, NM) 5’8” point guard

41.    Zach Tenorio Sandia Prep (Albuquerque NM ) 5”11 guard

42.    Franklin Archuleta Los Alamos HS (Los Alamos NM ) 5’10 guard

43.    Troy Giddens Valley HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4” small forward

44.    Matthew Herrera Pojoaque HS (Pojoaque, NM) 6’3” wing

45.    Kevin Willis Taos HS (Taos NM) 6’2” guard

46.    Desmond Branch   Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho)  6’6” Post

47.    Mario Ramirez   Santa Teresa HS (Santa Teresa HS) 6’1” guard

48.    Miguel Reyna  Texico HS (Texico NM) 6’0” guard

49.    Bo Coleman Valley HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’2” wing

50.    Joshua Baca Valencia HS (Los Lunas NM) 6’3” wing

51.    Christopher Wright Del Norte HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’3” wing

52.    Malik Woods Las Cruces HS (Las Cruces NM) 6’4” small forward

53.    Omar Baez Mayfield HS (Las Cruces NM) 6’3” guard

54.    Aaron Molina Valley HS (Albuquerque NM 6’4 wing

55.    Nick Nunley  Mesilla Valley (Las Cruces, NM) 6’0” guard

56.    Brandon Zubala Hope Christian School (Albuquerque NM)  6’0” guard

57.    Chris Brazier Eldorado HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’1” guard

58.    Johnny Arias Volcano Vista HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10” guard

59.    Nolan Heaton Eldorado HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

60.    Jason Tarin Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’1” guard

61.    Kacee Begay Ft. Wingate HS (Ft Wingate NM) 6’1” guard

62.    Cody Roberts Albquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’5 small forward

63.    D’Anthonee Egbert Clovis HS (Clovis NM) 5’10” guard

64.    Kiko Padilla Valley HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0” guard

65.    Kevin Paez Dexter HS (Dexter NM) 5’10” guard

2015  Top 45

1.       Ryan Jones  Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho NM) 6’2”

2.       Brady Patterson   Rio Rancho HS  (Rio Rancho NM) 6’3”

3.       Malik Liddell  Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

4.       Daniel Delgado Del Norte HS (Albuquerque, NM ) 6’5”

5.       Lorenzo Vigil  Volcano Vista HS ( Albuquerque NM) 5’11”

6.       Christian Cunningham  Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’5”

7.       Jahlil Ford  Valley HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

8.       Zach Gentry   Eldorado HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’7”

9.       Jeff Adler Mesilla Valley HS (Las Cruces, NM) 6’3”

10.    Trevin Ramirez  Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad NM) 6’2”

11.    Chris Martin  Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

12.    Sam Crews  Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

13.    Shakur Smith Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad NM) 6’2” guard

14.    Ryan Wenze-Bullard  Eldorado HS (Albuquerque, NM) 6’1”

15.    Juwan Brooks  Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque, NM ) 6’0”

16.    James Lentsch  Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’2”

17.    Jared Blea Albuquerque HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’5”

18.    Jacob Montour Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

19.    Dylan Abbott  Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’6”

20.    Jared Garduno Espanola Valley HS (Espanola NM) 5’11 guard

21.    Gabriel Chavez  Bosque (Albuquerque, NM ) 6’4”

22.    Dedrick Millford  Hope Christian School (Albuquerque, NM) 6’5”

23.    Marques Johnson  Hope Christian School (Albuquerque NM) 6’2”

24.    Deshawn Lucero  Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

25.    Dre Montoya Magdalena HS (Magdalena NM) 5’9”

26.    Vito Copolla  Santa Fe HS (Santa Fe NM) 6’1”

27.    Jordan Brooks Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque, NM) 5’6”

28.    Hayden Hargrove  Santa Fe HS (Santa Fe, NM) 6’1”

29.    Deshawn Baker  Highland HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

30.    Carlos CdeBaca  Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

31.    Zach Garretson  Rio Rancho HS (Rio Rancho NM) 6’2”

32.    Christopher Martinez  Los Alamos HS (Los Alamos NM) 5’11”

33.    Gavin Casias  Eldorado HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’11”

34.    Tyler Bobbitt  Evangel Christian School (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

35.    Keegan Steward Grants HS (Grants NM) 6’0”

36.    Angel King  Centennial HS (Las Cruces NM) 5’10”

37.    Anthony Rodriguez  Pojoaque HS (Pojoaque NM) 6’0”

38.    Troy Dixon Del Norte HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0” 

39.    Danny Gray  Wagon Mound HS (Wagon Mound NM) 6’4”

40.    Alejandro Garcia  Hope Christian School (Albuquerque NM) 6’2”

41.    Spencer Graham Rio Grande Christian (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

42.    Anthony Bellinger  Hope Christian School (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

43.    Travis Julian  Magdalena HS (Magdalena NM) 5’11”

44.    Zeke Long  Albuquerque Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’4

45.    Connor Frey Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

46.   Wade Bradley Taos HS (Taos NM)

2016 Top 35

1.       Marcus Williams Cleveland HS  (Rio Rancho HS) 6’4”

2.       Jordan Leake   Hope Christian (Albuquerque NM) 6’2”

3.       Isaac Maldonado  Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

4.       Caleb Wroten   Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’8”

5.       Allonzo Armijo   Albuquerque HS  (Albuquerque NM)

6.       Richie Lucero   Grants HS (Grants NM) 6’4”

7.       Gabriel Bump   Albuquerque HS  (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

8.       Teton Saltes Valley HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

9.       Cole Moore   Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’0”

10.     Dustin Gaddis  Sandia Prep  (Albuquerque NM) 6’6”

11.    Tyler Edwards   Piedra Vista HS (Farmington NM) 6’7”

12.    Jake Fleming Moriarty HS (Moriarty NM) 6’7”

13.    Nathan Zamarron   Eldorado HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’2”

14.    Dominic Gonzales Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

15.    Isaiah Lowrey   Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

16.     Jesus Gamboa   Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

17.    William Lucero  Sandia Prep (Albuquerque NM) 6’8”

18.    Cesar Molina   Centennial HS (Las Cruces NM) 6’0”

19.    Noah Waide  Roswell Goddard HS (Roswell NM) 5’11”

20.    Greg Gabaldon   Dexter HS (Dexter NM)  5’10”

21.    Carlos Barela   Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

22.    Johnny McCants  Onate HS(Las Cruces NM) 6’4”              

23.    Estevan Esparza   Hatch Valley HS (Hatch NM) 5’10”

24.    Simone Moya   La Cueva HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’11”

25.    Kobe Barbee- Smith   Sandia (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

26.    Fidel Castillo Piedra Vista (Farmington NM) 5’11”            

27.    Connor Watkins Hatch Valley HS (Hatch NM) 5’10”

28.    Nathan Polaco Zapata Rio Grande Christian (Albuquerque NM) 5’11”

29.    Keegan Acosta Farmington HS (Farmington NM) 6’1”

30.    Travis Lewis Valencia HS (Los Lunas NM) 6’0”

31.    Evander White Hobbs HS (Hobb NM) 5’11”

32.    Nick Lopez Hobbs HS (Hobbs NM) 5’7”

33.    Jimmy Wood Farmington HS (Farmington NM) 6’0”

34.    Alfonso Cano Del Norte HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

35.   Eric Coca Santa Fe HS (Santa Fe NM) 5’9”

Pictured: 2018 Marlon Cunningham

Pictured: 2018 Marlon Cunningham

2017-2018 Top 35      

1.       David Cormier   Volcano Vista HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’1”

2.       Brenden Boatwright   Carlsbad HS (Carlsbad HS) 6’7”

3.       Jason Earnest   Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

4.       PJ Bustos West Las Vegas (Las Vegas NM) 6’1”

5.       Fabien Roybal  Atrisco Heritage Academy (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

6.       Bobby Tapia  Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

7.       Marlon Cunningham Taylor Middle School (Albuquerque NM)  6’5” (2018)

8.       Zeke Sanchez   Highland HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

9.       Jose Rodriguez Rio Grande HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

10.    Dakota Yancey   Rio Grande (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

11.    Bryce McAlister   Carlsbad (Carlsbad NM) 6’1”

12.    Anthony Chavez Taft Middle School (Albuquerque NM) 5’10” (2018)

13.    Mark Tope   Highland (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

14.    Bubba Brito   Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

15.    Zach Baca   Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

16.    Jose Vigil LBJ Middle School (Albuquerque NM) 5’9” (2018)

17.    Clay Patterson Rio Rancho HS (Rio Rancho NM) 5’9”

18.    Antonio Zamora Onate HS (Las Cruces NM) 5’10”

19.    Nathan Bates Evangel Christian Academy (Albuquerque NM) 6’3”

20.    Jeremy Anaya Capital HS (Santa Fe) 5’9”

21.    Santiago Aguilar   Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’8”

22.    Isaiah Mejia Del Norte HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

23.    Cayson Clay Hobbs HS (Hobbs NM) 5’9”

24.    Michael Murphy Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’9”

25.    Jack Stewart Los Alamos Middle School (Los Alamos) 6’0”

26.    Joe Harge Las Vegas (Las Vegas NM) 6’1”

27.    Joe Abeyta Cleveland HS (Albuquerque NM) 6’4”

28.    Jacob Bulling LBJ Middle School (Albuquerque NM) 5’11” (2018)

29.    Gavin Jerrnigan Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM)5’11”

30.    Anthony Trujillo St. Pius X (Albuquerque NM) 5’11”

31.    Phillip Casey Cleveland HS (Rio Rancho NM) 5’10”

32.    Armante Rhodes  La Cueva (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

33.    Benjamin Volner Cibola HS (Albuquerque NM) 5’10”

34.    Ismael Holguin Mayfield HS (Las Cruces NM) 5’11”

35.    Garrett Smothermon Roswell HS (Roswell NM) 6’0”