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2020 Matt Jensen: Glendale, AZ/Mountain Ridge HS

02/28/2020, 4:00pm CST
By Max Ivany

College coaches, I'd like to introduce you to 2020 Matt Jensen. He's been a 4 year varsity player in the Metro Area of Phoenix, Arizona.  As you'll see from the information below this young man checks all the boxes to be considered as a scholarship student-athlete at all but the highest of levels.

Off the court he's an intelligent, respectful young man who'll be a low maintenance asset and a positive part of any community.  On the court, he's first and foremost a LEADER.  Jensen is a scoring guard who could be considered a combo. However his strength lies in running an offense, having creativity, getting his team mates involved and having excellent court vision.

Matt's a physical guard who's much stronger than he looks. If you'll note in the highlight and game film below he's physical on the defensive side of the ball and finishes well through contact. He'll continue to get stronger through a college weight and nutritional program. In short, he is a dedicated and hard worker.

Jensen has lofty goals. On the court he wants to win championships while off the court his educational end game is to become a dentist.  His Core GPA is: 3.0 and his SAT Score is: -----

True leaders like this are hard to find. You can contact me at 512-773-1026 for further information and further professional evaluation.  Coach Ivany

2020 Matt Jensen

Matthew Jensen D1 Nation Bio and Accomplishments 

I am Matthew Jensen, a 6-foot point guard out of Peoria, Arizona. Basketball has been a passion of mine since a very young age. Growing up, I was always a multi-sport athlete playing everything from football to hockey. At a young age I always played against those who are years older than me and this made it easy for me to have confidence in my abilities in any situation. Once high school started, I decided to focus on my main passion being basketball where I started all four years for 6A Mountain Ridge high school, in Glendale, Arizona. I dedicate my entire lifestyle to becoming a better player everyday by focusing not only on my craft on the court but ensuring that my body is always in peak shape to withstand playing all four quarters of a game. 

I would consider myself an all-around player. I am a point guard who is capable of scoring from the three, mid-range or at the rim. As a point guard I am able to lead my teammates on the court and can run an offense efficiently.  Growing up I have always been a playmaker and try to get my teammates involved as much as possible. Not being gifted with height, I have made up with it in physicality and basketball IQ. With my tough and physical playing style, I am able to rebound my position at a high level. 

As a person, off the court I hold myself accountable to high character standards. I value respect, discipline and responsibility when it comes to who I want to be as a person. I am goal oriented on and off the basketball court and I’m always determined to attain and push past goals and standards I set for myself. 

My collegiate plan is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management and after that attend dental school. Education is one of my top priorities and I understand the influence it will have on my life, in concert with the experience of being a college basketball player. 


  • First team all-district

  • First team all-region 

  • Student athlete of the month

  • Train youth basketball camps 

  • Deca Sophomore year

  • Student of the month