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Player Spotlight: Baseball: 2020 Brody Ray: Greenwood, TX

11/14/2019, 1:30pm CST
By Keith Balderaz

The D1 Nation's Keith Bladeraz had a chance to sit down with 2020 Greenwood (TX) dual sport athlete Brody Ray for a brief interview before the start of the Texas High School Football Playoffs.

Today I wanted to recognize a young man I met 7 years ago. I get a phone call one day from Jay Ray asking if I could meet his 11 year old son Brody. He wanted me to start working on hitting mechanics with him. The first day in the cage I could tell ‘this dude is different’. He was much smaller then (not the 6’3 4.5 forty he is now.

We ironed out some mechanics and basically just hung out that summer. I’ve followed him closely since then and to no surprise. He’s ‘still ballin’.

Brody Ray is now a Senior at Greenwood (TX) high school. As a prospective college athlete, he'll grab a coaches attention through film. whether running down a ball in center field, or catching yet another touchdown pas on the gridiron. An intangible I can vouch for in addition to the athletic ability is his character!

“Bro” as his team mates call him is the type of competitor that will play with your son after a lesson in the cage. showing patience and giving time to others. He’s a respectful young man raised by an incredible family. He’s also a fierce competitor with an undeniable work ethic and positive attitude.

I had an opportunity  to sit down with Ray for a quick interview regarding the Greenwood Rangers and their season thus far.

D1 Nation- So Brody whats the best part about being a Greenwood Ranger?

Ray- The best part about being a Greenwood Ranger is having a community that has your back through anything!

D1 Nation- what sets you guys apart from other teams?

Ray- We stay focused week in and week out by remembering where we want to be at the end of the year!

D1 Nation- What do you enjoy most about football?

Ray- My favorite thing about football is having a team I can count on, on and off the field.

D1 Nation- Whats your goal for the rest of the season?



The D1 Nation would like to extend best wishes and good luck to Brody Ray, the rest of the Greenwood Rangers and to all Texas High School football teams as they enter the Texas High-school Football Playoffs. Safe travels to all.

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