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El Paso,(TX) Volleyball Player of the Week: Paige McGriff

10/06/2019, 4:00pm CDT
By Edna Rath

LET’s GO AZTECS! LET’s GO! September 27, 2019 – Eastwood High @ El Dorado High – The Aztecs pulled off a 3-2 win against the Lady Troopers to advance their district rankings yet again to 11-0.

This Lady Aztecs team is put together very well, the line-up is well thought out and really allows the players to complement each other’s strengths – Coach de Anda definitely knows how to put a team together. Choosing a captain or captains to lead a team is not an easy decision. It is rare to find a true captain – an exceptional athlete that is able to guide and motivate their teammates. Senior Lady Aztec #3 – Paige McGriff is clearly that “true captain”. She averaged 20 kills against Eastwood and each one looked effortless every time. An exceptional athlete will hit from anywhere on the court, and she did - every opportunity was turned into a scoring moment.

When she wasn’t hitting she was covering and coaching the hitters on where to hit to make the kill. She was like a composer directing a symphony. Her teammates executed each play as she requested and on the spot, it was truly a sight to see. She is only 5’6 and probably weighs about 120 lbs but has a ridiculous vertical and is fast and deliberate with each swing.

She plays all around and ran after and saved at least three horrific passes that were sent across the gym. Her competitive nature can be felt in the bleachers and serves as a great motivator for the crowd and her team. She started playing volleyball when she was about 9 or 10.

She played club volleyball for the TOP GUN 17U this last season. She is open to attending any college to play volleyball but is partial to colleges in California where she would like to study Anesthesiology. When asked about tonight’s game and why it went to 5 games, she said, “We came out STRONG and won the first two matches (25-15 & 25-15), and then we got a little over confident and lost the next two matches (22-25 & 18-25). However, we worked well together and rallied to win that last match (15-12)”.

When asked what she brings to the team as a player and captain, she said, “I am very competitive! I bring a lot of motivation and tough love. I push hard, sometimes too hard… and sometimes it is not well received at first…but I do it to get them pumped up and I think they realize that”.