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El Paso,(TX) Volleyball Player of the Week

09/12/2019, 9:00am CDT
By Edna Rath

Hear them Tigers Roar! El Paso High did not disappoint with this match against Burges High School with a number of phenomenal players such as outside hitter 2021 Hannah Payan and middle hitter 2020 Kristina Gutierrez. It was certainly difficult to choose which one to highlight this week.

However, El Paso High Senior 2020 Laura Barrios Bardi – Middle Hitter, went off on Friday. She had the crowd on their feet for three straight matches. Not only is she a powerful hitter, her volleyball IQ is off the chart. She hit from the 5, from the middle with 1’s, from the 8 – down the line, and threw in some decoys topped off with numerous slides, and even served up a couple of ACES.

The blockers were simply ineffective and lucky to get a touch because she was just so fast. She constantly drew the blockers and either used it or just tipped right over them. She served up any combination and came to eat!